Shopping Statement

Business will move into overdrive at Novelty Mall where best of global brands will be offering show windows into the world of contemporary fashion trends. It will be a breathtaking for retail giants in apparel, FMCG and Lifestyle Segments to create a following for their brands among the most discernible and well off clientele. With International class lighting and well laid-out showrooms it assures the shoppers an experience worth cherishing.

A Professionally managed mall, with exotically designed atrium and showrooms, stainless steel finished columns and mirror polished floors, brilliant signage and well defined shop windows, it adds the wholesome retailing experience.

Unlimited Excitement with stylish celebration

Each moment of life is special and has a valuable place in life. Thus celebrate each moment fully. Novelty mall is a perfect haunt for you and your family as it is fulfilling all the wishes you have undoubtedly! In Novelty Mall Arcade, you get a season of style with great architecture, rich aesthetics and grand ambience. Its spacious and ample parking space makes shopping a stress free experience.

Novelty Mall is envisioned to create a lagoon of ‘Entertainment’ for fun seekers. A complete family gathering is ensured at the mall not leaving behind the interest of the children by providing them unlimited fun at the Cinemas and Kids Zone.

Novelty mall besides showcasing the best of brands ensures an ambience that provides wholesome family entertainment through a wide array of features. 3 Screens Multiplex, first of its kind in Pathankot will define entertainment as en experience so relaxing, real and vivid.

4 Screens Multiplex, Multitudes of Entertainment

An exceptional experience of viewing pictures that is as revolutionary as mobile telephony was a few years ago. Novelty Multiplex ushers you to out of the world experience of its state –of-the-art setup with the latest gadgetries incorporated. Watch with your family the latest blockbusters from Bollywood and Hollywood in the comfortable environs of the multiplex and enjoy the cinematic revolution that Novelty Mall Multiplex has brought for you.

Special Features:-

Wide Screen
Dolby Digital Sound
Advance Sitting Arrangement
Stunning Visual Effects
Snacks Corner

Culinary Delights

Food and art finally explores a common ground to offer the most swashbuckling palate of gourmet delights. It will showcase the finest of Indian Cuisine in their new forms, sumptuous traditional dishes with a contemporary twist that transforms family dining to fascinating carnival.

What We Have

Super Specialty Food Courts
Multi Cuisine Restaurants
Coffee Café
Ice Cream Parlours
Carry away counters

Expand Your Business Domain

The 4 Storied malls accommodates all the top brands in clothing, Jewelry, Cosmetics, Electronic Gizmos, accessories, leather products, shoes & footwear, souvenirs, home products, food products and other departmental stores. To name a few Café Coffee Day, United Color of Benetton, Addidas, Bata, Archies, Numero Uno, Mother Homes, Spykar, Oyo, Turtle, Catmoss, Cantabill, Priknit, Koutons and many more. Here Profit moves into the overdrive where the best national & International brands meet the desire and demand of overcrowded customers. Here the footfalls of shoppers bring pulsating profits to the retail business. Multiplex retention avenues add a dash of attraction value to the ambience resulting in higher percentage of organized as well as casual shopping.